Chapter Fly-Outs 2022

Here’s what’s coming up for members of EAA Chapter 240:
2022 is going to be a great year for Chapter 240, including a host of destination membership Fly-Outs to places of interest and FOOD! The Chapter Events Team has assembled the following schedule and will provide sign-up opportunities as we work through the new year.

Fly-Outs are open to members only (to renew your membership for 2022 click here), and offer a great way to meet other members, get a flight experience in different aircraft and have a great aviation experience, at a different airport and destination.  Fly-Outs invariably involve food, either breakfast or lunch, and we often select destinations with aviation museums or other interests. Also, or 2022, as we’ve done in the past, we are also hoping to have several destination weekend events.

These events are dependent on pilot/plane-owner members participating in the Fly-Out, offering seats in their aircraft to fellow-members. We greatly appreciate members who volunteer to share the experience.

The Chapter Events Calendar at the web site will provide ongoing updates, trip confirmations, and note any changes that occur.

The Chapter Event Team looks forward to your participation in the Fly-Outs. Join the fun!

Questions? Please contact
Chapter Fly-Out Listing 2022:
  • Feb 26th, MIV – Lunch at the Flight Line Restaurant, depart at 11am
  • Mar 19th, LNS – Lunch At Fiorentino’s, depart at 11am
  • Apr 2nd, WWD – Breakfast at the Flight Deck Diner followed by a visit to the NAS Wildwood Aviation Museum, depart at 9am
  • Apr 30th, FDK – Lunch at Airways Inn of Frederick, depart at 11am
  • May 14th, RVL – Breakfast at EAA518, depart at 8am
  • May 29th, N07 – Lunch at the Sunset Pub & Grill, followed by a Hudson River scenic tour, depart at 11am
  • Jun 11th, CGE – Breakfast at Katie’s at the Airport, depart at 9am 
  • Jun 26th, GED – Lunch at Arena’s at the Airport, followed by a visit to the Delaware Aviation Museum, depart at 10am
  • July 9th, TGI –  Lunch at Lorraine’s Seafood Restaurant (Fisherman’s Corner seems to be closed) plus a tour of the island, depart at 10am
  • July 24th, 3W3 – Lunch at Kentmorr Restaurant, depart at 11am
  • Aug 6th, FFA – Visit the Wright Brothers National Memorial, maybe consider camping overnight, depending on feedback? Depart at 8am
  • Aug 20th, OXB – Lunch on the boardwalk, we need to pick a place and make arrangements to rent a van, depart at 11am
  • Sep 3rd, BID –  Lunch on Block Island (we’ll select a place and arrange transport), depart at 8am
  • Sep 29th, W29 – Lunch at Libbey’s Coastal Kitchen (will open where Hemingway’s used to be), depart at 11am
  • Oct 8th, 1N7 – Breakfast at Donna’s Runway Cafe, depart at 9am
  • Oct 29th, N40 – Breakfast at the Sky Cafe, depart at 10am
  • Nov 13th, N30 – Breakfast at the Cherry Ridge Airport Restaurant, depart at 9am
  • Dec 4th, ESN – Breakfast at the Sugar Buns Airport Cafe, depart at 10am