Meeting Room Restoration

Chapter Meeting Room Restoration – Effort Needed to get our┬áMeeting Room ready!
It’s unclear as to when we can restart our formal, sit-down meetings but we’re hoping and planning for it to be in the not-too-distant future. With that in mind I plan on starting work to restore the Chapter Meeting Room back to working condition, making it clean, presentable, useable and ready for our collective use. (It’s pretty crappy right now).

This Saturday morning Dec 4th, starting 8:30am, we’ll remove the deceased wildlife (mostly┬áMusca domestica – houseflies!), check the room heater, check the video and audio systems, repack the library, remove all non-essentials etc etc etc….generally return it to operating condition, ready for Chapter Meetings or other uses.

If I can get some help we’ll have it done in a few hours or less. More hands, less work. Fun too.

Join me if you can. Coffee and donuts, of course….this is EAA240!

Mike Parry, Prez, EAA240