Chapter Board Election Results

From the Chapter Election Nomination Committee – Dan & Bert:

Board Positions – Voting Results

The nomination period for Chapter 240 officers has concluded and we received single nominations for each of the four positions. No opposing nominations were received for any of the positions, so voting by the membership will not be required.
We therefore declare the results of the EAA Chapter 240 Board of Elections 2022-2024 as follows:
President – Mike Parry 
Vice President – Octavian Codreanu
Treasurer – Melissa Ortega
Chapter Secretary – Bud Swenson
Our thanks to the members that submitted nominations and congratulations to our 2022-2024 Chapter 240 Officers.
We all look forward to gathering when able and staying active with flyouts, Young Eagle flights, other Chapter events, or just stopping by the Chapter hangar. We’ll see you there!
Dan Gutierrez, Bert Shipman
Chapter 240 Election Nominating Committee 2021