Chapter Fund-Raising and Young Eagles Events Cancelled

Chapter Fund-Raising and Young Eagles Events Cancelled

The Chapter Board has reluctantly concluded that we should cancel both of our planned Pancake Breakfast fund-raiser and main Young Eagles events for the year. There are several reasons which have combined to force this decision, including;

– the COVID pandemic has resurged and is likely to result in further restrictions in the months ahead, impacting turnout
– the expense level the Chapter would need to expended to restart the Breakfasts is substantial (replacing and buying all food items, kitchen items, cleaning products and more, for just two breakfast events), and we need to avoid food waste as we get into Fall and Winter – difficult when projecting attendance and membership support levels for our events in these pandemic circumstances
 – member commitment to activities is uncertain, as shown in the very low response to both our call for help in preparing our Chapter Hangar and kitchen this past Saturday, and for the breakfast event sign-ups, which have again experienced very low response from the membership.

These facts combine and lead to the Pancake Breakfast and Young Eagles Rally cancellations your Board and Officers have concluded are necessary.

We are planning to hold our first in-person Membership Meeting of the year on Monday, October 4th but will keep this under close review. In addition, we are contemplating additional membership events in the weeks ahead, being mindful of the restrictions and guidelines but also being anxious to have membership engagement as much as we possibly can.

For sure these are challenging times in so many ways, requiring thoughtful consideration, careful assessment and result in decisions that will no doubt disappoint some. 

We hope you are all keeping healthy and well….and aviating!

Please let us know if you have any questions, observations or suggestions as we all navigate these continuing turbulent times.
 Chapter Board: Mike, Octavian, Melissa and Tim, in consultation with Chapter Officers Dale, John and Paul.