May Chapter Membership Meeting

We continue our Chapter Monthly Meetings with another special and topical session on Monday, May 3rd, at 7pm.

Presidential TFR’s are proving impactful and disruptive to the commercial and General Aviation communities in our area. Our home base airport N57 is locked-down whenever a TFR is declared and there have already been instances of pilot’s from airports under the TFR designated coverage violating Presidential airspace. The TFR frequency, duration and timing changes provide challenges, not only for pilots but also for the management and staff of New Castle Airport KILG and the local FAA teams.

We have invited both groups to meet with Chapter members and invited guests to describe the operation of a TFR from the KILG operations standpoint, and from the FAA perspective. The teams will share their experiences to-date of TFR operations, recent violations and make recommendations as to how pilots might best deal with the situation and the ‘best practices’ they have observed. From these discussions our hope is that members can have a broader understanding of the operation of TFR’s which should, in turn, help in their flight planning and execution.

The purpose, need for, and impacts of TFR’s is being actively discussed elsewhere and this session is not intended to challenge the merits of TFR’s as they currently stand. TFR’s happen and will be part of our flight experience for the foreseeable future. Again, our goal is that members, through discussion with Tower staff and FAA, can take the opportunity to have a broader understanding of the operation of local TFR’s which should, in turn, help in flight planning, preparation and execution. 

Join your fellow Chapter members, guests and our invited speakers, who include representatives from the New Castle KILG Tower team, the Philadelphia FAASTeam, PHL Air Traffic team, and Joe Lamonaca.

Join using this link:

In addition, we’ll have more information about the Fred Kacena Scholarship Program, which we’re able to restart this month due to a generous donation to the program from an EAA240 member. This is wonderful news and, along with all the improvements we’re making at the Chapter hangar facility, is a strong indicator that the Chapter is emerging from this dark period and is in great shape!

Getting together again! We’ll also announce plans for a Chapter in-person get-together, our first for so many months.

Add this meeting date to your calendar, and we look forward to seeing you on Monday May 3rd, at 7pm, using the link above.

Mike Parry
President, EAA Chapter 240