Tuskegee Airman Presentation

AeroClub of PA invitation to EAA240 Membership

Thursday, April 22nd at 7pm via Zoom

Click here to join:
During the current restrictive period we’ve been collaborating with the AeorClub of PA, sharing events, inviting both memberships to our sessions, sharing aviation experiences and speakers. The AeroClub membership has joined our monthly meetings, and now we are invited to join a special session of theirs. See the invitation below, the Zoom details will follow in a further emailing. Our thanks to the AeroClub for the invitation.

We had Gene Richardson as a very special speaker at a EAA240 Membership Meeting in 2011. It will be wonderful to hear him speak of his Tuskegee experiences once again and – if you haven’t heard him speak – this is an aviation must! He made a BIG IMPACT on many members when he was with us.

Side Note : this is a Zoom session. For sure, Zoom has its limits and its detractors. But without Zoom we would not have the opportunity to be hearing from Gene Richardson. Nor would we have had our excellent speakers for across the country: January (Aviation Photography – NJ and NY), February (Taildragger CFI – New Mexico) and March (AeroMomentum Aircraft Engines – Florida). Zoom is bringing us new and varied speakers we would likely never have at our in-person sessions. Zoom will never replace our in-person meetings, which we will resume as soon as we can, But, for now, Zoom works well for us. Join us for this session and for our next Monthly Membership Meeting of Monday May 3rd, over Zoom.