January Membership Meeting

Aviation Photography – great aviation photography – is very hard to do well! We’ve all tried it, results are mixed, some better than others. But when it’s done well – the results are spectacular!

To restart this new year and to kick-off our Chapter Monthly Meeting schedule we have a very special event.  Members and invited guests of EAA240 have a unique opportunity to not only see some great aviation photography, but also to meet and discuss techniques, get tips and solutions from those photographers that do it professionally.

On Monday January 11th we have invited  Full Disc Aviation Photography to present to the Chapter Membership on their company, their history and just how they achieve their amazing photographs. They cover all the major national and many international aviation events, including our own New Garden Air Shows. We’ll see their work, but also have an online workshop/Q&A session where your questions can get answered.

We’ve scheduled a 60 minute Zoom session, Monday January 11th, 7pm and you can join us from the comfort of your own computer screen by clicking the link:


Please plan on joining this Chapter event as we restart our monthly activities in this new year. We’ll be announcing more Membership Meeting sessions shortly!

More information about Full disc Aviation is here

Tips on using ZOOM are here

Questions? here

See you Monday, 7pm!

Events Team, EAA240

Reminder: in-person Chapter gatherings are postponed at this time due to restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic. We continue to promote flying with all safeguards as recommended by local authorities. Please fly safe. The Chapter hangar, kitchen and library remain open and are available to all current members. Please comply with the indicated safety directions.