Chapter Meetings – December to February

We have three Chapter Membership Meetings arranged for the coming months, each happening over Zoom Video. Please get these dates into your calendar and plan on joining fellow Chapter members for the following sessions we have arranged for you:

 Thursday, December 17th, 7pm 

Chapter 240 is co-sponsoring the AeroClub of PA’s Annual Wright Brothers event. More details to follow, but there will be a special speaker joining us for what will be a very entertaining evening of aviation banter! Stay tuned, get this date in your calendar!

 Monday, January 11th, 7pm

We have invited Full Disc Aviation to present to the Chapter Membership on just how they achieve their amazing photography. They cover all the major national and many international aviation events, including our own New Garden Air Shows. We’ll see their work, but also have a workshop/Q&A session where your questions can get answered. You won’t want to miss this! 1hr. More on Full Disc Aviation here

 Monday, February 1st, 7pm

For a return to our regular 1st Monday Membership Meeting schedule we have invited John Lorenz, CFI to present on
‘Curveballs a Student Pilot will Throw at the Traildragger CFI’.
John is the President of Chapter 1306 (New Mexico). His experience in teaching and flying will make this a fascinating topic, plus a chance for learning. 1hr.

The sessions above will be held via Zoom Video (easy!) and open to all members. Further details on each session will be communicated in advance but we wanted to get these sessions onto your calendars.

 Please plan on attending the Chapter events, the external and special speakers we have invited and arranged deserve a good turnout from our Chapter membership. Let’s make sure we make them welcome!

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