Tips on Using Zoom Video from Home

While we’re unable to gather together for our regular Chapter meetings, we’re introducing the use of ZOOM video for our Membership Meetings. The technology is very easy to use and highly effective at getting groups together. We think you’ll like it and find it a helpful way for us to engage and share Chapter and aviation information during these restricted times. We hope you’ll join us and give it a try. We plan to have external speakers join us via ZOOM in later sessions.

Here are some additional tips and recommendations for making the best of your EAA240 ZOOM sessions:

  • open your session a few minutes ahead of the meeting start time by opening the app (if you downloaded it) or by clicking this link:, and selecting ‘Join a Meeting’. It’s free!
  • start the EAA240 session we sent to you in an email
  • use a headset or earpods if possible (much better!)
  • always – MUTE your computer, keep it muted unless asked to unmute
  • use the Chat Window to let us know if you’re having issues
  • use the chat window to ask questions or make comments
  • Got a question for the group? Wave at us, we’ll get to you
  • Our sessions will be recorded

Want to give ZOOM a try before our meeting, and test out your computer equipment? Easy – click here

If needed, the link below provides mored detailed ‘how-to’ information for using ZOOM:

Have questions? email us here