Aviation Photography Event

Aviation Photography – great aviation photography – is hard to do well! We’ve all tried it, results are very mixed, some are better than others.

The members of EAA240 have a unique opportunity to not only see some great aviation photography, but also to meet and discuss techniques, get tips and solutions from those photographers that do it professionally.

On Saturday March 28th we have invited Full Disc Aviation to present to the Chapter Membership on just how they achieve their amazing photographs. They cover all the major national and many international aviation events, including our own New Garden Air Shows. We’ll see their work, but also have a workshop/Q&A session where your questions can get answered.

We’ve scheduled a 90 minute session, Saturday March 28th, 10am at the Chapter Meeting Room. We’re expecting a strong turnout and that seating will be limited, so first-come-first-served! Members only please, for this special EAA240 event. Additional guests need to be pre-approved please – email us here.