EAA240 Chilli Fest 2020

EAA240 Chapter Membership Gathering

Join us for our first event of 2020, on Saturday, January 4th at 11am for the second edition of

“It’s a Chili Day to Fly!”

Bring along some of your best chili and share it along with any stories/family traditions that come with it.

Food will be ready to serve at 1130 and there’ll be an informal judging and a prize for the top performer voted on by the attendees.

We’ll all be eager to see who will be this year’s winner!

Following the food we’ll hold a very brief chapter business session, updating members on the new board plans and activities for the new year. We’ll have an ‘open floor’ session for members to share their views, needs and ambitions for the chapter, before wrapping up no later than 2pm.

Please join us for a fun, relaxed and a great way to grab lunch on a Saturday, while checking in on your chapter.

See you 11am Saturday, January 4th.

NOTE: this meeting replaces the regular Monday meeting of January 6th.

We hope you’ll join us for a fun and relaxed event, good foods, information sharing and camaraderie.

As always, visitors & guests most welcome.

More information, or questions? email us