Fly-Out Saturday Nov 9th

Hello Chapter Members,

Our early November Chapter Fly-Out is for food and for aviation history!

Join us flying the South Jersey Regional airport KVAY, Lumberton NJ, this Saturday November 9th, for lunch at the Runway Cafe, plus a visit to the Air Victory Museum on the airfield.

More information on the excellent museum is here.

Meet-up at the Chapter Hangar at 10:00am, with wheels-up at 10:30am.

The weather forecast is good, but Sunday remains our ‘rain-date’.

Please register for this fly out by Friday morning, emailing us at [email protected], with the usual information (seats available, weight, Sunday availability etc etc).

As always, we greatly appreciate our Chapter pilots who donate seats/rides to the fellow-members in their aircraft and who make these events possible. Thank YOU!