Can You Help?

Help Needed at the Air Show Pancake Breakfasts

For the few that signed-up to help at this weekend’s EAA240 Pancake Breakfasts at the Air Show – thanks, we look forward to seeing you.

We don’t have enough volunteers at present and will struggle to meet the needs of the Breakfasts. Please consider joining the Pancake Breakfast teams for Saturday and/or Sunday August 17th and 18th. We’ll need help in food prep, cooking, serving and clear-up.

We also need help at 4pm Friday as we set-up the Hangar for the Breakfast. Can you join us then?

Turnout Saturday and Sunday could be BIG and we look to these events to help fund the Chapter activities for the remainder of the year. So, we need to have an ACE TEAM to meet the needs of our loyal breakfasters and visitors.

Join us by clicking here or below to select one of the many roles that are open.

SIGN-UP NOW PLEASE, we need the help!


Click Here to Volunteer!……..or email us at