Airport 5K Run – Volunteer Help Request

YMCA 5K Run at the Airport – Saturday June 1st

EAA240 Pancake Breakfast Funds Raiser Event

This major airport community event will bring many, many people to the airport, to enjoy both a morning run and – for a very lucky group – a fabulous breakfast. Event tickets, including our Increasingly Famous Pancake Breakfast (optional), are already on sale via the the local YMCA site. Our breakfasts will be pre-paid and limited in number, based on our capacity to cook and serve. It will be a great morning!

This is a major fund-raising event for the Chapter, requiring much planning (already underway) and significant volunteer effort on the day, to ensure its success and to grow our aviation and Chapter fan base! Plus, securing this level of funding will aid the Chapter enormously in 2019.

Have no doubts about it, we’ll need YOUR HELP to make this work and without your engagement, we’ll struggle. So, please, click the link below to sign up for one of the many roles we have determined are necessary.

Please join us.

Click the button below. Sign-up. Volunteering is what EAA240 is all about!

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